• I missed school. So I made this.

    It's about digital sociology, design, business, and personal development.

    This is my curated collection on the topics above. It's a perpetual work in progress. You'll find my email newsletter at the Subscribe link below.

  • The Collection

    The intersection of technology, public policy, and ethics, with relation to the psychology and big money business behind capturing your digital attention and keeping you interacting with your screens

    Being a human in a digital culture

    Inspiring ideas about what it means to be a human being who is part of a society

    If you want to be more intentional about designing gatherings and bringing people together in new ways

    Critical analysis of the culture we live in, and how to build the society of the future

    Philosophies on leadership and workplaces of the future

    Ways of organizing our society and our work so that business success, human livelihood, and the planet can flourish together

    Inspiring ideas about individual personal growth

    Interdisciplinary ideas from the overlapping spaces of technology, design, media, culture, art, and the future

    If you want to better understand your emotions

    Curated ideas for people who enjoy thinking and learning


    News and insights at the intersection of business and technology

    If you want to think about and be inspired by the intersection of startups, creativity, digital culture, and human-centered work

    The intersection of work and psychology

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    Inspiring ideas about relational personal growth

    If you want to inspire your ambition

    Approaches to intentionally organizing your life

    Designing physical spaces for humans

    If you want to grow your creative and/or business pursuits

    Interdisciplinary philosophies of design and design thinking

    Writing for writers

    If you want collections of short essays that will make you feel more connected to a shared human experience


    If you want to reflect on friendship from a psychology-sociology-business perspective


    Writing for everyone, regardless of whether or not you identify as a writer


    Data, with regard to online dating


    If you want to learn about human decision making from a science-psychology-behavioral economics perspective


    How to actually rest, or at least slow down

    If you're really into walking


    Fiction that will make you think about aspects of shared human experiences through specific lenses

    • Watch Scenes from a Marriage on HBO [mini series]
    • Watch Modern Love on Amazon Prime
    • Watch Industry on HBO

    If you actually really like your job but still want to set healthy boundaries and learn about work-life balance or blend or dance or whatever you want to call it


    If you want to stay up to date on what intelligent voices of Gen Z are saying

    Children's books


    If you want to learn about resilience


    If you want to read poetry that will make you think and feel

    If you're interested in material that could be on a syllabus for a college course on Media and Culture

    If you want to consider issues of gender at work from an academic perspective


    If you want to read about reading


    If you want to read/watch/otherwise consume a fascinating story that actually happened


    If you want to really nerd out over language and its nuances


    If you want to foster your creativity

    If you want to bring literature, arts, and culture into your life

    If you want to learn to apply the psychology of conflict resolution

    Philosophies of happiness